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Chocolate Biscuit for the Beautiful Day

Chocolate becomes favorites of many people. Yup, it is reasonable since the chocolate consists of many great substances that will be useful toward your body. The chocolate becomes the alternative beverages when you want to decrease your stress. Actually, there are many kinds of the beverages made by the chocolate. Since the chocolate has a delicious favor, it can be your favorite for many occasions. Here, we will talk about the chocolate biscuit that can be your alternative. It can be great beverages when you want to enjoy your day with your family. Keep read it and find any inspiration.

The ingredients and the ways

Before making the biscuit as your alternative, it will be great for you to know the kinds of the ingredients of nice chocolate biscuit. The ingredients here are kind of the common one. It means that you may add some others as your favorite. The ingredients here are:

  • 275 g of butter
  • 150 ml of golden syrup
  • 225 g of good quality chocolate
  • ½ packet of the digestive biscuit
  • ½ packet of the rich tea biscuit
  • 125 g of the shamrock nuts
  • 125g of shamrock fruits
  • 1 packet of Maltesers

All ingredients as above can be found in every market near you. It will be easy to find it.

In order to make the biscuit well, you need to follow some steps of it. Here we go with the directions as below:

  • Line around 15 cm of the round cake with a tin. Besides, you also will be able to use the double layer of the greaseproof paper
  • Then, melt the butter, syrup, and the chocolate in a pan with the low heat. Then, mix all ingredients as well.
  • Then, add the biscuit, maltesers, and the fruit and nuts. Mix well with the previous dough.
  • Then, the last transfer to prepare the tin. If the dough is mixed well, then you heat it to the fridge. Wait for several time and it will be ready to be served.

Talking about the chocolate biscuit, it will be great for you to enjoy the kinds of it with a glass of tea. When you want to enjoy it with your family, the morning or the afternoon is the best time for you. Remember, you also can add some additional to make the nice chocolate biscuit look more special. I hope it can be another reference for you and your family.

chocolate biscuit
chocolate biscuit

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